marți, 26 martie 2013

Castigatoare giveaway

Buna fetelor!
Asa cum am promis, astazi voi anunta castigatoarele giveaway-ului realizat in colaborare cu prietenii de
la Artdeco Bijoux.
S-au inscris 4 persoane, iar premiile sunt urmatoarele:
1. Premiul 1  - Vesa Daniela

2. Premiul 2 - Petcu Olga

3. Premiul 3 - Aby Ciorascu.

Premiul- bonus revine Andreei Manases!

Felicitari castigatoarelor si multumim magazinului Artdeco Bijoux.!
O sa va trimit pe mail vouchere-le pe mail!

vineri, 8 martie 2013

Happy Women's Day!!!!

Hello ladies and Happy Women's Day!

I wish you all to have a spectacular day, an awesome spring and to continue to be generous, feminine, strong, beautiful, bold and wise. I wish you to live in harmony and peace, in order to be health so you could take care of your family and also I wish  all the song below says: 

Have a great day and...... Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

P.S. - Nu uitati sa va inscrieti la giveaway-ul organizat cu prietenii de la ArtDeco Bijoux aici

joi, 7 martie 2013

The Songs of the Day...07.03.2013

Hello everybody! Salut a tous! Hola a todos!
Two days ago, 08:09 a.m. and me, in a big hurry to get to work.

 I'm supposed to start to work at 08:30 a.m, but somehow I didn't hear the alarm clock, so the only solution was to call a cab.

Before to call, I had the feeling that the taxi operator couldn't find me very quickly a cab, in order to arrive in time to the office. And yea...I was right.
So I start to look for one by myself, in the street, in the Taxi station...but no luck.

As never before, that morning, I saw only one available cab, mine, sent after 15 minutes by the taxi operator. I felt like I was in the inspired of this incident, I  post for today 2 songs that implies cabs/ taxi :-D.
The first song is performed by Vanessa Paradis  and it's name is Joe le Taxi (Joe, the taxi driver) a French song released in 1988.

The other song's name is Historia de taxi (The story of a taxi driver) performed by the Guatemalan singer- songwriter and former basketball player and teacher Ricardo Arjona,   released in 1994.

So I'm gonna ask you: What's your favorite song of these 2? Joe le taxi or Historia de taxi?

Till next time...have fun and Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - Nu uitati sa va inscrieti la giveaway-ul organizat in colaborare cu prietenii de la ArtDeco Bijoux aici

marți, 5 martie 2013

The Song of the Day...05.03.2013

Hello my dears!!!
Today I'm in a rocky spirit :) so I'm gonna present you Chop Suey, and no, it's not the dish of American Chinese cuisine,  but it's the System of a Down's song :).
System of a Down is an Armenian American rock band formed in 1994, in Southern California and it currently consist of  Daron Malakian (guitar, vocals), Serj Tankian (lead vocalist, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Shavo Odadjian ( bass, background vocals) and John Dolmayan (drums).
Chop Suey is the first single from System of a Down' s second album ( "Toxicity"), released in September 2001 and earned the band its first Grammy nomination. 
Serj Tankian, the lead vocalist, is also a songwriter, composer, poet, record producer and political activist.

Tankian has taken a stance supporting animal rights and in July 2009 he signed a PETA petition against the slaughtering methods of chickens in KFC slaughterhouses.
Enjoy the first days of spring and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

P.S. - Nu uitati sa va inscrieti la giveaway-ul organizat in colaborare cu ArtDEco Bijoux aici

luni, 4 martie 2013

The Song of the Day...04.03.2013

Hello my dear friends!
Officially, it's spring!!!!! Ok, it's a cold weather, but hey, at least it won't snow until next winter :)
I wish you all to have a wonderful spring with a lot of health, energy, hope and beautiful and memorable moments!!!

Regarding the song of the day, I choose "Beautiful Day " played by U2.
I love this song because it's so inspiring, optimistic and dynamic! Everytime I listen it, I feel great!
Have an excellent week and Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

P.S. - Nu uitati  sa va inscrieti la giveaway-ul organizat impreuna cu prietenii de la ArtDeco Bijoux aici !!!!!