marți, 5 august 2014


Hello my friends!
I hope you enjoy your summer holiday and I can't wait autumn to see where you traveled and the beautiful places you've visited.
Today I saw a video that made me dance, even if I'm carrying extra weight due to the pregnancy.
I hope my video will make you dance, too :)!
Happy summer!

vineri, 13 iunie 2014

Happy faces :-)

Hello my friends!
I'll post some images that made me laugh and made my day great.So cute, so innocent creatures :)

I don't support the fact that animals should wear clothes, but for few minutes, for a picture I think it's ok.
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Happy Week-end!









duminică, 1 iunie 2014

Lazy Sunday

Hello dears,
Here it's still raining and is very cold for this time of the year :(.
I intended to go to watch some movies to the most important Film Festival from Romania, TIFF 2014, but I've changed my mind, being discouraged by the bad weather. Maybe I'll go next week...
Until then, I dream to a hot summer in Barbados :-P

I've posted some images taken before it started the rain, in the Roses Park from Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Happy Sunday!

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vineri, 30 mai 2014

Where's the sun???

Hello my friends,

In the previous post I wrote that the sun is up...well, meanwhile the sun hid through the grey clouds and instead of sunny days, we have rainy days. Rainy days bring in our memory places where we spent our youth, the people who have influenced our life in a good or bad way.

 I don't want you become nostalgic, so I try to bring you summer through these images...I hope I'll succeed ;-)

How I wish to have breakfast in Jamaica
Or to sail in Maya Bay- Thailand

Climbing to the 12'th century fortress in Normandie, France it's not a bad idea
Or take a walk to Daigo-Ji Temple - Japa, every autumn, because I read that you can see a spectacular landscape.
Have an excellent week-end!
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sâmbătă, 24 mai 2014

Happy Week-end!!

Hello, hello!!!
The sun is up, the weather is just fine, not too cold, not too hot so I wish you everyone to have an excellent and relaxing week-end!!!

vineri, 16 mai 2014

Red Carpet from Cannes Film Festival 2014

Hello girls!
How are you? How was your week? Few hours to go and it's week-end :).
Cannes Film Festival has started and I saw some Red Carpet dresses that I liked so much, so I wanted to share my favorites dresses.

Cannes Film Festival is a festival of style and elegance and can be an inspiration for all of us, when we find ourselves in the desperate situation to choose a dress for a special events.
So here are my favorite ones:

1. Blake Lively - Gucci Premiere gown spring/ summer 2014
2. Karlie Kloss - Valentino dress spring/ summer 2014
3.Nicole Kidman- Armani Prive Gown spring/ summer 2014
4. Zoe Saldana - Victoria Beckham dress autumn/ winter 2014
5. Paz Vega - Elie Saab dress
6. Lydia Kabede - Roberto Cavalli dress
Which one is your favorite?

My musical choice was related with my post, because the video presents the 90's famous top models.
Enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

sâmbătă, 10 mai 2014

The Song of the Day....10.05.2014

Hello my friends!

This time I missed a lot on the blogosphere and I'm sorry for not reading your latest posts, for not writing on your blogs for so long. I'm sure that after I'll write the reason, all of you will be kind to me :).
Well my friends, I'm expecting my first child and being for the first time's not an easy job, you know?!?
I was very lucky to not have morning sickness, but everyday I was very tired, as if I worked in mine. All I wanted was to sleep, to rest my eyes, to take a nap, so that's why I took a short break on blogosphere.
Now, regaining my energy, I will try to catch you up, to read all that I've missed.

Founding out recently that I'll have a baby boy and that he is ok, make me choose as the Song of the Day.., a very dynamic and positive song performed by Pharrell. It's easy to guess that I'm talking about "HAPPY",
because my friends, for the first time I can say....I'm HAPPY!!!!
Till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!