joi, 27 iunie 2013

The Song of the Day...27.06.2013

Hi my dears!
First I want to thank you for your nice comments you let me in the previous post :-).
To thank you I send you a virtual bouquet of tulips.

For today I choose a song, which I'm sure all of you know it very well. It's performed by Pink :) and it's called Try, released in 2012, as the second single from the album The Truth About Love.

It is a rock ballad  and it's about taking risks with love, no matter the consequences.
I think we should generalize...we should take risks not only in love, but in our professional life, friendships too...we should take risks in order to fulfill our dreams, even when we don't understand very much of our life :).

I wish you a great day and till next time.....Live Your Life in The Rhythm of Music!!!!

vineri, 21 iunie 2013

The Song of the Day...21.06.2013

Hello, hello!
I hope you had an excellent week and you prepare yourself for a long week-end with parties, friends, families  pubs and dance.
Even if I'm in the mood to party, I won't do it coz I'll move out this week-end . So I'll have a lot of things to pack, clean and arrange in the other apartment.
For me it's a new beginning and I just hope it will bring me a better life, the best opportunities and I wish to spend  the time of my life in the new location .

Sper ca ati avut o saptamana excelenta si ca acum va pregatiti pentru un week-end lung cu petreceri, prieteni, familii, pub-uri si mult dans.
Chiar daca sunt in starea perfecta de a petrecere, n-am s-o fac pentru ca in acest sfarsit de saptamana ma voi muta, asa ca voi avea multe lucruri de impachetat, spalat,aranjat in noul apartament.
Pentru mine aceasta mutare reprezinta un nou inceput, care sper sa-mi aduca o viata mai buna, cele mai bune oportunitati si mi-as dori sa traiesc cele mai frumoase clipe din viata mea, la noua locatie.

"Saptamana de lucru s-a sfarsit
Gata cu slugarnicia
Vinerea a si venit
Sa inceapa distractia"

I choose for today a song performed by Will I.AM ft Britney Spears (it's not my style but it's good to listen it when I have to work). The rhythm gave me energy :-).
I wish you all a sunny week-end and  till next time... Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

Pentru azi am ales un featering Will I. Am - Britney Spears ( nu sunt stilul meu, dar e o melodie buna de ascultat cand am de munca. Ritmul cantecului imi da energie :-).
Va doresc tuturor un week-end insorit si pana data viitoare.... Traieste-ti Viata in Ritmul Muzicii!!!!

miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

The Song of the Day....19.06.2013

Hello my friends!
Buna prieteni!

Today,I'm gonna have a quick post, because I'm very busy lately!
Azi voi avea o postare scurta pentru ca, in ultimul timp sunt foarte ocupata!

" Spui ca iubesti ploaia, dar te feresti de ea folosind umbrela;
  Spui ca iubesti soarele, dar cand acesta straluceste, cauti umbra
  Spui ca iubesti vantul, dar cand incepe sa bata, inchizi fereastra.
  Astea sunt motivele pentru care mi-e teama cand imi spui ca ma iubesti"

I let you with the wise man Bob Marley and his beautiful song One Love, which, by the way, makes me long for a vacation, far away, in a place with sea, sun and a cold pina colada :).
Va las in compania inteleptului Bob Marley si a frumosului cantec One Love, care, apropo, imi deschide apetitul pentru o vacanta, departe, intr-un loc insorit, cu mare si o pina colada rece  :)

Have a great day and don't forget to Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!
Sa aveti o zi minunata si nu uitati sa va Traiti Viata in Ritmul Muzicii!

joi, 13 iunie 2013

The Songs of the Day...13.06.2013

Hello my friends!

One year ago, being inspired by my good friend Andrea (thank you!!! :-*), I've created this musical blog, with no big expectations, but soon, I realized that I've won a lot and I'm a rich person. I'm rich because I'VE GOT YOU, my friends, I learnt a lot from to combine clothes, what make-up is appropriate for a certain event, how to cook, how to arrange a table for guests. 

You, girls offered me the chance to know countries and civilizations through your personal experience, through your lens and in this way you determinate me to travel too.
Even if it was a very difficult year for me, your positive feed-back made me optimistic and happy.

"Music is the universal language of mankind" one smart man said this...and is true. 
It's amazing how some sounds can change our mood, how a certain rhythm can awake us to is good for good moon, sad moments and recently I read in a newspaper that music have therapeutic effect.
So, my friends....LET THE MUSIC PLAY!!!!!
Thank you for following my blog, for your comments and till next time.....Live Your Life in The Rhythm of Music!

joi, 6 iunie 2013

Award Nomination

Hello my friends!
I was nominated for the prize The Versatile Blogger Award by our friend Minnie
Thank you my dear! It means a lot to me!!!

I have to apologize for not answering to the following question, last week when you nominated me.
The rules for this nomination are simple:
1. Thank to the person who nominated you and include her/his link in your post
2. Nominate 15 blogs which you follow every day
3. Write the link of this post, in order to announce them that they are nominated
4. Write 7 characteristics about you

I nominate for this award the following blogs:
6. Marcela

So here there are the 7 things about me:
1. I love music and I can't imagine life without music- I think that you already know this
2. I love spending my time reading books, on line magazines
3. I'm a friendly person and I give 100% in a friendship, relationship, that's why I expect the same from the other side
4. I don't get angry quickly, but when I do is only because the other person lost his/ her common sense
5. On the top of my wishlist is a trip to New York
6. This year, I prove myself that I'm a strong person, who can handle any situation
7. I still like writing and receiving letters, but unfortunately there are few people who use this way of communication, when is much faster to use internet.

For today I choose a classic song, performed by Tina Turner. I'm sure you'll recognize it and I hope you'll love it :)

Till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!