marți, 31 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...31.07.2012

One of my favorite band is MANA, a Mexican rock group from Guadalajara.
The band was formed in 1986 by Jose Fernando Olvera (vocals), Ulises (guitar) and Juan Calleros (bass guitar) and earned four Grammy Awards, seven Latin Grammy Awards, 5 MTV Video Music Awards Latin America and many other Latin Music awards.
The song of the day has a wonderful clip and it's name is Arde El Cielo ( The Sky is burning).It was released in 2008.
I like to listen it very loud :-)! How about you?
Till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!!!

vineri, 27 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...27.07.2012

Today I choose to post another Foster the People song, for three reasons!
1) I like the sound of this song;
2) the clip is great, trying to tell you a SF story :-P
3) my hubby asked me to post it :-D, so as a good wife as I am, I listen to him :)
Nice week-end everybody and till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

Vidraru Dam

Three weeks ago I was on a short vacation, as I told you in the post "Olt Defile". One of the places that I visited and impressed me was Vidraru Dam, built in 1965 on Arges river to produce hydroelectricity.
Vidraru is an arch dam built on a foundation of rock and it's situated between Fruntii mountains and Ghitu mountains and it collects the water of  8 little rivers.
The dam's height is 166 meters, the arch length 305 meters, water accumulation volume 465 million cubic meters, the reservoir has a total shoreline (perimeter) length of 28km.
The road till Vidraru Dam is great because it reveal you spectacular and wild landscapes and to get to the dam, you have to pass through many tunnels, which are dug in the rock!
I put some photos of this wonderful place!
On the way to Vidraru Dam

Vidraru lake

The dept of the dam

Vidraru Dam

Me and my hubby near Vidraru lake

joi, 26 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...26.07.2012

Hello my  follower friends !
I woke up this morning singing a song of Billy Idol, the English rock musician who performed in the punk band, called Generation X.
The song of the day will be " The Sweet Sixteen", included on the third solo album -Whiplash Smile- released in 1986, a song  inspired by a true story. 
It's the story of Edward Leedskalnin who was dumped by his fiancee Agness Scuffs, the day before they were to be married. She was 16 years old.
He moved to Florida and started to build Coral Castle, which is a monument with furniture made of coral, hoping that in this way, Agness will marry him. Unfortunately, she didn't :(.
Edward Leedskalnin spent 25 years of his life carving boulders into the ancient-looking roofless structure.
How he did it, remains a mystery!!!

Billy Idol filmed the Sweet Sixteen' video in the Coral Castle, Florida!
I hope you enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!

miercuri, 25 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...25.07.2012

I want to declare the Song of the Day, a song that I'm sure that everybody knows it, played by the most famous Irish rock band, by U2.
A song which was U2 first number-one hit in USA and Canada in 1987, by topping the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks. 
Besides the fact that they are very talented and their songs are full of spiritual meanings, they are involved in many charity campaigns.
I hope you will like With or Without you and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

luni, 23 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...23.07.2012

This day belongs to Amy...ya Amy Winehouse! One year ago she went to heaven to sing to the angels.
She had such a great and powerful voice, so much talent and it's frustrating that she went so soon to the sky, taking us the privilege to listen her music.
RIP,  Amy!

vineri, 20 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...20.07.2012

After a long week, finally it's Friday (Thanks God!!!!)
For 2 weeks on every music channel or radio station I listen this song, which I declare it The Song of the Day!
I like it so much because the singer has a great voice, compared to those of Sting and Peter Gabriel and the clip has an artistic approach.The song's name is "Somebody that I used to know" and it's played by Gotye - a Belgian- Australian singer-song writer.
Do you like the song?
Have a wonderful week-end and ... Live your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...18.07.2012

Few weeks ago my hubby asked me to listen a music group that he found it on youtube, that
sounds different, but in the good way. I liked it instantly.
The group's name is Foster the People and is an American indie pop band from Los Angeles.
California.They are very talented. The vocal singer plays also keyboards, piano, guitar, percussion.
I hope you will enjoy Foster the People' first song called Pumped Up Kicks.
Till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!

luni, 16 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day... 16.07.2012

After an intense and adventurous I just want to enjoy the silence.
Oppsss...:))) this is the song of the day, because it's one of my favorite songs, I love 
Depeche Mode and it suits very well with my mood.
I hope you'll enjoy the song and till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!

Olt Defile and Olanesti

Hello friends!
Being on vacation with no internet connection, I couldn't post anything on my blog.
Olt Defile
I was on a journey in the south of Romania, in Oltenia, Muntenia and then, for few hours in the south of Transylvania (Sibiu).
My first pictures are taken in Olt Defile, which is the longest defile from my country (47 km).
Olt Defile
On my way to a sulfur spring- Olanesti
I rented an apartment in Olanesti, a city located in Valcea County. Olanesti is also known as "The Golden Springs City", because here you can find mineral, sulfuric, sodium, calcium springs.
The Lake with Water Lilies- Olanesti
The Lake with Water Lilies - Olanesti
1st May Villa
Here, you can, also find, The Lake with Water Lilies, which is a real beauty of nature, "1st May" villa, where before 1989, only important communist leaders stayed here and now, it belongs to Elias hospital from Bucharest and it's used in medical purposes.
The Lake with Water Lilies - Olanesti

I wanted to go to Ceausescu villa, but it's not open for visiting, it is used as protocol villa, so I went in Mall in Ramnicu Valcea. 
Mall - Rm. Valcea
All these pictures are taken in Oltenia and in the next post I will show you the beauty of Muntenia.
Till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

View from one of my balcony- Olanesti

View from the other balcony - Olanesti
Night walking- Olanesti

Peruvian artists- Olanesti

vineri, 6 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day....06.07.2012

This morning I listened to the radio a song from the  80's.
It's awesome, it's sung by 2 great and strong voices. I'm sure that everyone knows it!
Unfortunately, due to so many touring commitments, neither Freddie and Queen nor David Bowie had appeared in the video.
Inspired by the theme of pressure, video director edited together stock footage of traffic jams, commuter trains packed with passengers, explosions, riots, cars being crushed and various pieces of footage from silent films of the 1920s.
Even if it's week-end, we relax and there will be no pressure, I hope you will enjoy the Song of the Day...Under Pressure (1981).
Till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

miercuri, 4 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...04.07.2012

Today, my little sister had an important exam and, fortunately,everything was all right, so I dedicate her the song of the day.
It's one of her favorite songs . I 'm so happy for her and I hope that she will have a very nice vacation. She deserves it.
Till next time.....Leave Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

marți, 3 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day... 03.07.2012

Hello again!
I woke up in the morning, having this song in my mind.
I'm keep humming it so..I have to declare it The Song of the Day!
I'm writing about "Euphoria" sang by  Loreen a Swedish singer and music producer.
She represented  Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku and won first
place with this song.
Do you like it?