sâmbătă, 29 decembrie 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Hello my friends!
First of all I want to thank you for following my blog and for your nice comments that you sent me.
It means a lot to me!!! Thank you for being my friends and for the nice things you taught me in these 6 months since I created this blog!
 Hola  amigos!
 Primer quiero darle las gracias por seguir mi blog y por sus amables comentarios que me envió.Significa mucho para mí! Gracias por ser mis amigos y por las cosas buenas que me han enseñado en estos 6 meses desde que creé este blog!

To be honest with you, since I've followed you I start to be more preoccupied by the way I dress, the make-up that I wear and nails art...some of you taught me how to cook better, some of you presented me incredible places that I will surely visit someday, and others gave me advices for a healthier life...so for all these I am very grateful.
 Para ser honesta con usted, ya que le he seguido empiezo a estar más preocupada por mi forma de vestir, el maquillaje que llevo la arte de uñas  ... algunas de ustedes me enseñó a cocinar mejor, algunas de ustedes me regaló lugares increíbles que seguramente va a visitar algún día, y otras me daban consejos para una vida saludable ... así que por todo esto estoy muy agradecida.

For today I choose to post the poem "Auld Lang Syne" - written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song. It is well known in many country, especially in the English-speaking world and it is played at the stroke of midnight in order to mark the start of the New Year.
Para hoy decido publicar el poema "Auld Lang Syne" - escrito por Robert Burns en 1788 y se puso a la melodía de una canción popular tradicional. Es bien conocido en muchos países, especialmente en los paises donde se habla Inglés y se escucha en la medianoche para marcar el inicio del Año Nuevo.
My dears, I wish  all your wishes come true in 2013 and  a year full of health, joy and happiness!!! Happy New Year!!!!!
 Queridos míos, quiero que todos sus deseos se hagan realidad en el 2013 y un año lleno de salud, alegría y felicidad! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!!

sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2012

The Song of the Day 22.12.2012

Hello my dears!
I'm glad that nothing happened yesterday and the the End of the World didn't come.
So, I can't post other song than ALIVE of Pearl Jam, an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990.
Alive was Pearl Jam's first single and appeared on the band's debut album Ten in 1991.
So, my friends I wish you a wonderful week-end, now that the fateful day had passed and till next time... Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

joi, 20 decembrie 2012

The Song of the Day 21.12.2012

Hello my dears!
The world goes crazy...I turned on the radio and I heard news about the end of the world. I turned on the TV and I am informed that the end of the world will be in 21.12.2012...so all of these inspired me to post a song played by REM and obviously it's name is It's The End Of The World
"It's The End Of the World" was released as a single in 1987 and appeared on the album Document. After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the song was placed on the list of post 9/11 inappropriate titles distributed by Clear Channel. 
My friends, I'm sure that nothing will happen, so see ya' all after 21.12.2012, till then... Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

joi, 13 decembrie 2012

The Song of the Day....13.12.2012

Hello my friends!
It's been awhile since my last post. The reason of my absence is that I have a lot of work to do before Christmas, so I hope you'll forgive me ;-).
My dears, for today I choose to present you a song that I just love it. I'm sure that you all know it, because it was played in different movies or TV shows.
The song's name is "Just like Heaven" played by one of my favorite bands...The Cure. How can you not like this band? Robert Smith has an unique and great voice and an interesting look.

"Just like Heaven " was written in 1987 in France by Robert, being inspired by a past trip to the sea shore with his future wife. It was included on the album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and  became The Cure's first American hit and in 1988 reached number 40 on the Bilboard charts.
I played a little bit with camera and I took this pic, in order to suits well with this post :)).
Special thanks to my friend DJ Marchino who introduced me this great group years and years ago :-*
Have a great day and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

joi, 6 decembrie 2012

Hand made earings II!

Hello my friends!
I'm gonna show you in this post what I worked for this week!
I created with my little sister few other models of earrings. 
I'm sorry that these pictures don't reveal very well their color. I get home in the evening and I take picture only when I have no day light, so I will try to described every pair of earrings.

Buna prieteni!
Va voi arata in aceasta postare la ce am lucrat in aceasta saptamana!
Cu surioara mea am creat cateva modele de cercei.
Imi pare rau ca aceste imagini nu reflecta foarte bine culoarea cerceilor. Ajung acasa abia seara si nu reusesc sa fac pozele la lumina zilei, asa ca voi descrie fiecare pereche in parte.

  • The first one is dark purple with black and white.My sister  drew a clock dial.
  • Prima pereche este mov inchis cu negru si alb. Surioara mea a desenat cadranul unui ceas.

  •  The second ones are black with white flower and small-sized purple rhinestones.
  • Cea de-a doua pereche are baza neagra si este desenata cu alb o floare pe ale carei petale sunt aplicate pietricele mov deschis.

  •  The third ones are orange moons painted in the middle with red and small-sized orange rhinestones.
  • Perechea a treia are design-ul unei semi-luni portocalii, al carei interior este pictat cu rosu, iar pe margini au fost aplicate pietricele portocalii.

  •  The fourth ones are baby blue with dark blue. My husband told me that they look like candies :-P
  • Pentru cea de-a patra pereche de cercelusi am folosit vopsea albastru deschis si albastru inchis. Sotul meu a spus ca arata ca doua acadele :-P

  • The fifth ones are orange with purple and silver dots.
  • A cincea pereche este un mix de portocaliu cu mov inchis si puncte argintii.

  •  The last pair of earrings is red with black lines. 
  • Pentru ultima pereche de cercei s-a folosit vopsea rosie ca baza, peste care s-au trasat linii negre

 Which pair of earrigs do you like most?
Care pereche de cercei va place?

joi, 29 noiembrie 2012

Hand made earrings!!!! Pendientes hecho a mano!!!

Hello my dear friends!
I'm sorry that  I didn't write lately on my blog, but I had a terrible and busy week and I wasn't in the mood to post anything!
I will catch-up with all your news, because tomorrow is a holiday in my country so it's a free legal day :).
Even if  I didn't post anything this week I worked with my little sister to our first hand-made earrings.
I post some pictures of the earrings and I hope you will be indulgent with our first creations...hope you like them :).

I received from my friend Marcela from Spain a beautiful award. Thank you so much, Marcela!
I invite you to visit her blog if you are a big fan of fashion, beauty and art.

My awarded blogs are 
Thank you for your friendship and for following my blog!
I dedicate all of you the song that appeared in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" movie and I am sure that you know it very well :) coz we love Audrey Hepburn, right??????.
The song's name is Moon River! Enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...23.11.2012

Hello my friends!
It's Black Friday in my country, so I'm preparing for haunting good prices for clothes, photo camera and make- up. I'm sure that my list will change when I get in malls :-P.
I choose for today Use Somebody played by Kings of Leon, an American rock band, formed in Nashville, Tennessee.
This song reached No. 1 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts.
I hope you like it and till next time... Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!

Hola  amigos!
Es Viernes Negra en mi país, así que me estoy preparando para que frecuentan los buenos precios para la ropa, cámara de fotos y el maquillaje. Estoy segura de que mi lista va a cambiar cuando me meto en centros comerciales :-P.
Yo elijo Use Somebody esta interpretado  por  Kings of Leon, una banda de rock de Estados Unidos, formada en Nashville, Tennessee.
Esta canción fue número 1 en la lista Hot Modern Rock Tracks clasificación.
Espero que os guste y hasta la próxima ... Vivid Vuestra Vida  al Ritmo de la Música!!!

Have a great week-end!
Feliz fin de semana!!

marți, 20 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...20.11.2012

Hello my friends!
I heard in a TV dancing contest the song of the day, which ,in my opinion, is brilliant.
I don't know if you will like it...maybe I'm so impressed because I saw a couple dancing tango on Mil Pasos. Yes..this is the title of the song.
Mil Pasos is played by Soha, a French- Algerian singer who mingle jazz with soul, blues and latino- american music. It's something different, it's very original.
Unfortunately, Soha doesn't have a clip yet, but I hope this is not a problem for the music' lovers.
Do you like it? 

Till next time, have a great day and Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

Hola amigos!

Escuché en un concurso de baile en televisión la canción del día, lo que, en mi opinión, es brillante.
No sé si te gustará ... tal vez estoy tan impresionada, porque vi una pareja bailando tango en Mil Pasos. Sí. .. este es el título de la canción.
Mil Pasos está interpretado por Soha, una cantante franco-argelina que se mezclan el jazz con el soul, el blues y latino-americano. Es algo diferente y muy original.
Desafortunadamente, Soha no tiene un videoclip todavía, pero espero que esto no sea un problema para los amantes de la música.
¿Te gusta?
Hasta la próxima vez, que tengas un buen día y Vivid Vuestra Vida al Ritmo de la Música!!

vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...16.11.2012

Hello my friends!
After a long absence, here I am, posting another song that it's on my playlist on youtube.
It's played by The Cranberries  and it's called Dreams.

Hope you like it!
Have a great week-end everybody!
Feliz finde!!!!
Week-end placut!

Bicoloured tig...from Norway!!!!

Hello my friends!
I've received from Minnie, http://minnieme22.blogspot.ro/, a nice and funny game, few days ago!
I'm supposed to answer some questions about me and then I have to nominate other 3 persons to do the same.
I have to confess that it was fun and in the same time made me meditate and do an inner introspection.
I nominate for  this game Marcela, Nicoleta and Andrea.

Also, my  friend Marcela, http://fashionadictas.blogspot.ro/, sent me these wonderful awards. Thank you!!!

I give them to the following blogs:

Thank you for your friendship and for following my blog!!!

Here are the answers:

 Sign: Pieces
I would like:   to be more couraugeous
I keep : small things with emotional value
I don't like: rude people
I'm afraid of : wild animals
I'm hearing right now: Guns & Roses - November rain on the radio
I regret : that I hurried to grow up
I like to: watch movies, read and chat with my friends
I'm not: very organised. My motto is "in any chaos there is a logical order"
Do I dance: yes, I dance .
I've never: made bungee-jumping
Hair color: dark brown
I cry: when I remeber the close ones who are gone
I'm not always: sleepy in the morning
I don't like to myself: that sometimes I'm too serious. 
I'm angry when: people doesn't have patience to listen the other point of view.
I'm confused: when it's too peace & quiet 
I feel safe: allmost all the time
I need: a vacation.
I should: be more organised

vineri, 9 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...09.11.2012

Hello my friends!
The song of the day was chosen by my hubby. He is a big fan of "Shiny Toy Guns" so he asked me to post their newest single " Walking alone" from their new album.
Shiny Toy Guns is an American rock, indie-pop band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2002.
Their first album " We are Pilots" was released in 2006, after they recorded it two previous times. The song "We are Pilots" was nominated for a Grammy award.
Seeing how much my husband likes this band, I make an exception and post  two songs of  one of his favorite band.
Have a nice week-end and till next time... Live Your life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

joi, 8 noiembrie 2012

Cadourile perfecte se gasesc la Energicshops

Buna fetelor!
Mai e foarte putin pana in Decembrie- luna cadourilor si, ca de obicei, incerc sa gasesc, inca de pe acum darurile perfecte pentru cei dragi. Nu imi place sa las totul pe ultima suta de metri, asa ca folosindu-ma de tact si diplomatie reusesc sa aflu intotdeauna ce isi doreste fiecare membru al familiei mele.
Anul acesta, a fost mai simplu in ceea ce il priveste pe sotul meu. Am constatat ca are nevoie de un pulover elegant, clasic, nici prea gros, nici prea subtire si l-am gasit. Unde? La magazinul online Energicshops!
Aici am gasit o gama variata de articole vestimentare adresata atat domnilor care prefera stilul clasic, cat si domnilor indrazenti care doresc tinute in pas cu tendintele 2012-2013.

Pentru sotul meu am gasit la categoria pulovere barbati, un model care, consider ca i se potriveste. Prin natura meseriei, sotul meu trebuie sa fie elegant si sa prezinte seriozitate, prin urmare am optat pentru acest pulover din bumbac, de culoare maro, cu decolteu la baza gatului si maneci cu terminatii striate. este simplu, elegant si clasic, asa cum ii place lui.
Blogatu.ro a fost sursa mea de inspiratie si ma bucur mult ca mi-a usurat munca, aducandu-mi la cunostinta faptul ca exista un magazin on-line, unde raportul calitate- pret este foarte bun, iar shopping-ul este facil, se realizeza din comfortul casei tale. 
Un alt aspect demn de luat in seama este promptitudinea cu care se raspunde comenzilor:
- In cazul in care comanda ferma este trimisa pana in ora 15:00, produsul va ajunge la destinatie in 24 de ore;
- In situatia in care comanda este trimisa dupa ora 15:00, produsul va ajunge la client in 48 de ore.
In concluzie, dragile mele prietene, daca doriti, de sarbatori, sa va surprindeti in mod placut partenerul, incercati articolele vestimentare de la Energicshops.

miercuri, 7 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...07.11.2012

Hello my friends!
This is a quick post showing you the song that obsessed me the entire week-end!
The song's title is Rain Rain and it's played by a Romanian singer, Loredana. She's a kind of diva here and I admire her because, despite her age, she tries to be fashionista, she keeps up with these changeable trends.
One thing, please have patience till the song starts, because it has a long intro :-P
Hope you like the song and hope you have a sunny sunny day!



Till next time....Live your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

joi, 1 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...01.11.2012

Hello my friends and Happy Halloween!
Being Halloween, I choose Michael Jackson's Thriller to be the Song of the Day. 
Besides the fact that Thriller has a great video and Michael is enjoying playing a werewolf, I consider it's a great song for this period! So any zombie, vampire or werewolf visited you last night?
I hope you had a great Halloween!
Till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

Hola mis amigos y feliz Halloween!
Ser Halloween, elijo Thriller de Michael Jackson para ser el cancion del día.
Además del hecho de que Thriller tiene un gran video y Michael está disfrutando de actuar en un hombre lobo, considero que es un gran canción para este período! Así que cualquier zombie, vampiro o un hombre lobo se visitó ayer por la noche?
Espero que hayan tenido un Halloween muy bueno!
Hasta la próxima .... Vive Tu Vida en El Ritmo de la Música!!

miercuri, 31 octombrie 2012

Thank you for your awards! Gracias por vuestros premios!

Hello my friends!

Two weeks ago, I've received two awards from my blog friend Lola. She has an awesome fashion and travel blog and you can visit it here http://elpuntodelola.blogspot.ro/. I'm very grateful to her for these awards because it means a lot to me.
Hola amigos!
Hace dos semanas, he recibido dos premios de mi amiga Lola. Ella tiene un blog de moda y  de viajes muy impresionante y se puede visitar aquí http://elpuntodelola.blogspot.ro/. Estoy muy agradecida por estos premios, porque significa mucho para mí.

These are my answers and my nominations:
Estas son mis respuestas y mis nominaciones:
1. That is your resolution for 2012?/ ¿Tu meta para el 2012?/ 

Keeping my two jobs the entire year./ Mantener mis 2 logares de trabajo el año entero.


2. What makes you happy?/  ¿Qué es lo que te hace más feliz?

Spending time with my family/Pasar el tiempo con mi familia.


3. What surprise present did you receive?/Regalo recibido que te causó más sorpresa..

These awards and a parfume./Estos premios y un perfume.


4. Your favorite food/ Plato preferido...

Pizza Quatro Stagioni :-)


5. Something that annoyed you or make you sad this year/Algo que te sacó de quicio y te entristeció el año pasado...

It was a good year. / Fue un buen año

6. 2011 resolution that didn't accomplished in 2012/ Objetivo de 2011 que no cumpliste en 2012

A trip in Portugal/Un viaje en Portugal

7. One reason for being grateful/ Un motivo de agradecimiento

I'm grateful for my having a beautiful and healthy niece and for my new friends/ Mi motivo de agradecimiento es mi bela y sana sobrina y mis nuevos amigos.

My awarded blogs are/ Mis blogs nominados son:


Thank you for your friendship!!!/ Gracias por vuestra amistad!!!!!!

luni, 29 octombrie 2012

The Song of the Day...29.10.2012

Hello my friends!
It's not bad enough that it's Monday...but it's a cold and rainy Monday, so in order to express what I feel, and my mood, I will declare "Maniac Monday" the song of the day :-).
The song was written by Prince, using pseudonym "Christopher" and was performed by the pop rock group Bangles(1986).
"Maniac Monday" was the band's first hit, reaching number 2 in the United States, U.K., Austria, Germany, Canada and Ireland.
Have a great Monday and...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

vineri, 26 octombrie 2012

The Song of the Day...26.10.2012

Hello my friends!
It's a cold and cloudy weather, I'm very tired so I'm in the mood to listen some jazz.
So, I decided to share with you the beautiful song "Don't Know Why" played by Norah Jones, an American singer, songwriter, pianist and actress.
"Don't Know Why" is the second single from her breakthrough album " Come Away With Me" and it won three Grammy awards(2003) for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.
I hope you'll enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!

marți, 23 octombrie 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello my follower friends!
I found some time.. finally... to visit my parents and my home town, last week-end.
I spend a wonderful week-end with my dearest ones in a beautiful place- in Alba Iulia, which became more and more beautiful and appealing. It's very possible that autumn  give a special glow to my city.

I regret only that I took pictures  in the night, because during the day, I had some stuffs to do.
I wish you all a good week and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

Salutare prieteni!
In sfarsit, am gasit ceva timp, pentru a-mi vizita parintii si orasul natal, la sfarsitul saptamanii trecute.
Am petrecut un week-end minunat cu cei dragi intr-un loc frumos- in Alba Iulia, oras care, devine din ce in ce mai frumos si interesant de descoperit. Este foarte posibil sa-l percep astfel si datorita toamnei, care ii da o stralucire aparte.
Regret faptul ca fotografiile le-am facut seara, deoarece in timpul zilei am fost ocupata cu alte lucruri.
Va doresc o saptamana buna si pana data viitoare...Traieste-ti Viata In Ritmul Muzicii!!!!

Trying to be like this lady :-P

3 divas :))))

Give me the sword or I'll take it anyway
I opened the city's gates...I'm strong :-P

In my way to the pub, I met a young knight


joi, 18 octombrie 2012

The Song of the Day....19.10.2012

Hello my friends!
Today it's finally :-)Friday, so I want you leave your troubles away and relax, because it's week-end, the most wonderful time of the week.
I choose for today a dynamic song of Mrs. Louise Ciccone, from the album I'm Breathless, released on March, 20, 1990.
"Vogue" is an upbeat dance-pop song which contains a house beat and groove. The song is about enjoying oneself on the dance floor no matter who one is and in the spoken part, Madonna recall various golden era Hollywood celebrities.
 I like a lot Madonna, besides being a singer and actress, she is a fashion icon. She has been always ahead of her time, always one step ahead and so courageous to try different hair style, different outfits and music style. She is unique and so unpredictable. I wish to look so good when I'll have her age.
Enjoy it, have a great week-end and till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!


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