marți, 28 mai 2013

The Song of the Day...28.05.2013

Hello my friends!
Today it's a quick post, before my boss arrives in the office.
I like this song because I've discovered by mistake on's calm, it's for a lazy & rainy  Sunday and I hope you'll enjoy it with a cup of warm tea ( outside is very cold for May - I'm wearing boots, imagine that).
Till next time....Live Your Life In The Rhythm Of Music!!!!!!

vineri, 17 mai 2013


Hello my dears!
I missed again for a while, but I promise that it worth it :-D.
I missed because, I was on an unexpected trip to Vienna :-) and I returned full of energy, hope, and a high level of self esteem :), eager to start a new trip,  even if this was one full of adventure, adrenaline and problems to solve :-).
I traveled by train by myself and of course, in my way to Vienna, I had to make a change in Budapest Keleti station, but I didn't catch the train for Vienna. 
Then my mobile didn't worked, no one knew where could I find a card for public phone so...I had to think a lot for a solution. Finally I managed to call my sister and announce her that I didn't catch the train, to get to Vienna and to have a very fast tour of the city center.

This city is wonderful, full of people and many tourist attractions, so I promised myself I'll be back to see more, because it's impossible to see all in few hours.

Have a great week-end and till next time...Live Your Life In The Rhythm Of Music!!!

duminică, 5 mai 2013

Paste Fericit!!!! Happy Easter!!!!

Cu ocazia Sfintelor Sarbatori Pascale, va doresc tuturor pace, liniste sufleteasca si multe bucurii alaturi de cei dragi!
Hristos a inviat!!!!