vineri, 30 mai 2014

Where's the sun???

Hello my friends,

In the previous post I wrote that the sun is up...well, meanwhile the sun hid through the grey clouds and instead of sunny days, we have rainy days. Rainy days bring in our memory places where we spent our youth, the people who have influenced our life in a good or bad way.

 I don't want you become nostalgic, so I try to bring you summer through these images...I hope I'll succeed ;-)

How I wish to have breakfast in Jamaica
Or to sail in Maya Bay- Thailand

Climbing to the 12'th century fortress in Normandie, France it's not a bad idea
Or take a walk to Daigo-Ji Temple - Japa, every autumn, because I read that you can see a spectacular landscape.
Have an excellent week-end!
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6 comentarii:

  1. Buna, Claudia
    Daaa... si aici soarele a hotarat sa ia o pauza... Si ploua, si e racoare si e... timp pentru visare! :) Asadar, am calatorit putin cu gandul, prin locurile aratate de tine, dar n-am zabovit mult - sa nu ma apuce lenea. :)
    In locul din ultima foto mi-ar placea cel mai mult sa stau si sa visez, un timp. :)
    Minunat sfarsitul de saptamana sa il petreci! Pupici!

  2. Frumoase imagini si chiar daca ploua aceasta melodie ma inveseleste putin!

  3. Bonitas imágenes y bonita canción!!!
    Buen fin de semana, Charlotte!! my g+!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥♥

  4. Dupa 3 zile de ploi oribile si un frig de a intrat in cartea recordurilor (doar 12 grade) azi a iesit soarele si de maine se încalzeste si mai mult! Yes! :))
    pupici, sa aveti un weekend minunat! ♥
    ps. am avut treaba azi si abia acum am ajuns la laptop! :((

  5. Beautiful Places! Great Post :)

    Happy Sunday ,big Hugs