miercuri, 22 august 2012

Madame Bovary

Hello reading lovers!
I'm sorry I didn't wrote for a while about my favorite books, but I hope you will forgive me :).
Other good book that I read is Madame Bovary written by Gustave Flaubert (1856) and it's considered by some critics a real masterpiece. The novel tells the story of Emma Bovary, who's married with Charles Bovary, a doctor without much ambition, but very in love of Emma.
He met his wife, when he fix his father-in-law broken leg. At that time, he was married with other woman, but even so, he was very attracted to Emma. After his wife died, he waited a decent period of time and then he had started to court Emma and very soon, Emma's father gave his consent and they married.
Emma had great expectations regarding his family and intimate relationship, having a latent but powerful yearning for romance and luxury, ideas given by the novels she had read. 
Even the married couple had a baby girl ( Berthe), Emma was not content of her life, of her husband financial aspect and started a friendship with a young law student Leon, knowing that he liked her. She admired him too, but Emma hid her feelings. After Leon left to Paris, she was very depressed, but after a while she met rich landowner Rodolph Boulanger, who invited her to his farm. They would have an affair.
This novel is intriguing, romantic, a modern realist narration and had an unexpected end.
I hope you will like it! I will put a movie trailer !

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  1. Răspunsuri
    1. I'm glad that you liked it!
      Flaubert described perfectly the reality of that time,
      the struggle of Emma feelings and the agony of a person
      full of energy condemned to live in a mediocre environment.

  2. O carte si o iubire puternica! Cum ma uitam la trailer ma gandeam ca mi-ar placea mult sa citesc si despre serialele, filmele tale preferate!

    1. Andrea, o sa incerc sa scriu si despre serialele si filmele mele preferate.