vineri, 31 ianuarie 2014

The Song of the Day...31.01.2014

Hello my friends!
It's my first post in 2014  and I wanted to thank you for your visit, comments and the good vibe you sent me.
I'm glad I wrote today, when it's the Chines New Year :)...a new beginning for some of us.
Why I didn't post for so long?
Well, first of all I didn't had much time to do it,  maybe I was a little bit distracted by other things, people, situations and I didn't had much inspiration.
So, on my first post I want to wish you a  Happy New Year :), a perfect year!
I also want to share with you my link to my new blog, Claudia's cuisine. I try to cook only healthy and low carbs food. 

Today, I've chosen as the song of the day...Perfect Day - Lou Reed . It's true that is oldie, but I can assure you that is goldie too :) 
Happy week-end everyone and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

15 comentarii:

  1. Iti urez mult succes cu noul tau blog si un an nou fericit chinezesc! :)

  2. fie sa avem un an minunat!!!!!!!!!

  3. La multi ani! La multi ani! Bine ai revenit!
    Multumesc pentru urari! La fel! :)
    Imi place melodia pe care ai ales-o! Ziua perfecta sa iti fie! Si viata frumoasa! Succes sa ai si cu noul blog! Voi arunca o privire, chiar daca eu si gatitul bucatelor nu ne intelegem tocmai bine. :)
    Zile fericite!

    1. La multi ani si tie Diana! Bine v-am regasit!
      Ma bucur ca iti place melodia aleasa!
      Toate cele bune, Diana!

  4. Sper ca noul an sa fie bun si sa-i fie moale saua calului, altfel facem bataturi!:)))
    Fug acum sa vad ce bunatati ai pe noul blog!

    1. Asa sa fie Minnie! Sa vina cu multa sanatate pentru toata lumea, multe realizari si bucurii!
      Te pup!

  5. Bonita canción!!! y Feliz año Nuevo!!!
    Buen fin de semana, querida Charlotte!!! mi g+ para ti!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Am ascultat piesa de doua ori, mi-e tare draga, am vazut si ce bucate ai facut. Eu nu m-am lasat ademenita de varza de B. unii o gasesc amaruie si mai bine sar peste ea si ma leg de alte legume.
    Sa fie anul bun pentru toti, in primul rand cu sanatate! Pupici