joi, 28 iunie 2012

The Song of the Day...28.06.2012

Inspired by the previous post "Anna Karenina", I'm in the mood to listen some classical music...So I declare Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14 ) the song of the day !
Moonlight Sonata is a piano sonata, composed by Ludwing van Beethoven and dedicated to his pupil Giulietta Guicciardi. 
Giulietta is probably "the enchanting girl", about whom he wrote to a friend in 16 November 1808 that is the person who had changed Beethoven's life with her love.
Unfortunately, they'd never got married, but from their love has remained Moonlight Sonata.

I like it a lot because we almost feel the passion, love, resignation of these two lovers, who'd never fulfilled their love.
Enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!

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  1. A little bit sad, but it's a beautiful music :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by<3
    Avea o zi minunata ;D


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  2. Hola Charlotte¡¡ veo que entiendes español, así que te escribo en mi idioma¡¡ Preciosa la sonata claro de luna¡¡ Una de mis favoritas del formidable Beethoven, Me encanta la música clásica y la ópera¡¡ y me alegro mucho de encontrar gente por la red con mis mismos gustos¡¡
    Te sigo de vuelta guapa¡¡¡ mil besos

  3. Hola Diana!
    Me alegro que te gusta el cancion del dia :.
    A mi megusta tambien musica clasica, por que
    tiene algo muy sensible.
    Cuidate amiga!
    Que tienes un fin de semana excelente!

  4. O melodie foarte trista...dar sper ca azi sa ne inveselesti cu ceva mai ritmat, mai ales ca vine weekendul :)
    Pe blogul meu gasesti un TAG, daca doresti poti sa il ei si sa postezi si tu, astfel te vom cunoaste mai bine :)

  5. It's one of my favourite melody.. maybe the best one. Great Claudia
    Guess who i am ?
    i don't care if monday is blue....

    1. Even if you don't reveal your identity, I
      know you so well :).
      Thank you for your comment, my dear friend, Marco!

    2. Uff..u discover me !!!!! how u did ?

    3. Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.

    4. Yesss....... I know it!
      Marco, I know very well my friends and their
      preferences :).
      Besides you gave me a clue...I don't care if monday...
      Have a nice week-end!