vineri, 6 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day....06.07.2012

This morning I listened to the radio a song from the  80's.
It's awesome, it's sung by 2 great and strong voices. I'm sure that everyone knows it!
Unfortunately, due to so many touring commitments, neither Freddie and Queen nor David Bowie had appeared in the video.
Inspired by the theme of pressure, video director edited together stock footage of traffic jams, commuter trains packed with passengers, explosions, riots, cars being crushed and various pieces of footage from silent films of the 1920s.
Even if it's week-end, we relax and there will be no pressure, I hope you will enjoy the Song of the Day...Under Pressure (1981).
Till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!

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  1. Que bonita canción!!! maravillosos interpretes!!!
    Que tengas un hermoso fin de semana, guapa!!!( gracias por tus comentarios...)
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. me encanta¡¡ es de mis favoritas¡¡¡¡¡

  3. gracias por tu visita amore¡¡¡ mil besosss

  4. Love your blog! come by and let's follow each other:)!!

  5. Good Song!

    Wish you a happy Day ,kisses :)

  6. Hola preciosa, tengo un premio para ti en mi blog!
    Espero que te guste!
    Buen comienzo de semana!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. Following your blog now:D! Let's stay in touch ;)!

  8. Achei seu blog na blogosfera.
    E adoreii!

    Já estou te seguindo..
    Me visite tbm

    Ótima 5ª feiraa \º/

  9. Me encanta Freddie Mercury y esa canción es muy bonita. Besos