joi, 26 iulie 2012

The Song of the Day...26.07.2012

Hello my  follower friends !
I woke up this morning singing a song of Billy Idol, the English rock musician who performed in the punk band, called Generation X.
The song of the day will be " The Sweet Sixteen", included on the third solo album -Whiplash Smile- released in 1986, a song  inspired by a true story. 
It's the story of Edward Leedskalnin who was dumped by his fiancee Agness Scuffs, the day before they were to be married. She was 16 years old.
He moved to Florida and started to build Coral Castle, which is a monument with furniture made of coral, hoping that in this way, Agness will marry him. Unfortunately, she didn't :(.
Edward Leedskalnin spent 25 years of his life carving boulders into the ancient-looking roofless structure.
How he did it, remains a mystery!!!

Billy Idol filmed the Sweet Sixteen' video in the Coral Castle, Florida!
I hope you enjoy it and till next time...Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!

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  1. Faina piesa! e din anul in care eu m-am nascut :))

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  3. thank you for leaving such a nice comment!! Very cool! Come back soon ;)!

  4. great video!
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  5. Wow ce informatii, nu am stiut nimic din ceea ce ai scris, de obicei ascult piesele si raman la nivelul, imi place sau atat.