vineri, 14 septembrie 2012

Le medicin malgre lui - The doctor in Spite of Himself - Moliere

Hello my friends!
I choose to write today about Le medicin malgre lui ( The doctor in spite of himself) by Moliere.
I had the chance to see it yesterday, played by some wonderful young actors and I loved it!
The plot is very funny....Sganarelle, the woodcutter turned doctor in spite of himself, is the object of a joke orchestrated by his wife Martine. She wants to punish him and make him pay for all the ass-kicking with a somewhat blunt object that she endured.
So she convinces Lucas and Valere, servants of a rich man called Geronte, that her husband is a very  good doctor and he can heal all the diseases, but he needs to be very well beaten to remember his healing skills.
Lucas and Valere are very glad to hear that, because they were looking a  doctor for their master's daughter, Lucinde, who lost her speech.
These two servants  find the oblivious wood-cutter drinking  and force him, by blows to admit his imputed profession and go with them.
You can only imagine how many funny events happens until the story's end. 
Sganarelle without knowing a single medical word succeeds to heal the young Lucinde, because her illness was caused by the fact that she couldn't be with the one she loved, Leandre.
Moliere style is unique...he manged to capture very well every characters' features in a comic way.
So...if you want to have should read or watch this play!

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  1. Frumoasa si comica piesa. Citind postarea ta imi dau seama cat de mult imi lipseste sa merg la teatru, nu am fost de multa vreme si imi este chiar rusine ca nu imi fac timp pentru asa ceva!
    Sa ai parte de un weekend minunat!