joi, 6 septembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...06.09.2012

Hello my friends!
I was a little bit busy lately, but now I'm back and having a little free time, I  post The Song of  the Day.
I realize that I didn't post anything in September so I want to begin with the song of the guys from Green Day, called "Wake me up when September ends".
I choose this song, even if it's sad, because I'm in nostalgic mood...I miss summer, with vacation, long and sunny days and feel a little dizzy changing the season.
Every year I have the same feeling, but after September ends, I get used with cloudy & rainy days, with cold mornings and evenings and hot afternoons and with shorter days.
Till next time....Live Your Life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!

5 comentarii:

  1. Imi place foarte mult acest cantec. Si este in ton cu perioada in care suntem :). Buna alegere ;)
    Te pup!


  2. Green Day nu este trupa mea favorita, dar piesa se potriveste perfect cu ceea ce ai descris. Si mie o sa-mi lipseasca noptile calzi si lungi, canicula cumva este bine ca a trecut dar diminetile racoroase ma cam deranjeaza in ultima vreme :(

  3. Bravo,ca intotdeauna ai ales ceva frumos pentru urechi :))!