vineri, 9 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...09.11.2012

Hello my friends!
The song of the day was chosen by my hubby. He is a big fan of "Shiny Toy Guns" so he asked me to post their newest single " Walking alone" from their new album.
Shiny Toy Guns is an American rock, indie-pop band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2002.
Their first album " We are Pilots" was released in 2006, after they recorded it two previous times. The song "We are Pilots" was nominated for a Grammy award.
Seeing how much my husband likes this band, I make an exception and post  two songs of  one of his favorite band.
Have a nice week-end and till next time... Live Your life in the Rhythm of Music!!!!!!

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  1. Incerc, încerc sa tin ritmul cu voi, ptr ca îmi place muzica.... dar nu toata! :))))))
    Ai o leapsa de la mine!
    Un weekend fain sa ai!

  2. Buna iubita,

    Nu stiu nici eu ce are, poate is prea multe poze si dea ceea se incarca greu :)
    15 min e o eternitate si tre sa iti multumesc pentru atata rabdare. Esti o duuuuuuulce!!!

    Piesele de azi sunt fantastice, o sa ii inebunesc pe vecini astazi :)))

    Te pupic,


  3. thank you for sharing that videos <3
    New post on my blog
    Facebook Page

  4. Nu cunosc aceasta trupa, dar am impresia ca melodia lor, mai ales prima este prea lunga :) Sa ai parte de un weekend minunat!

  5. Bonitas canciones!!!
    Charlotte he publicado tus premios en el blog!!! me alegra que te gustaran los otros...
    Buen fin de semana! y mi G+...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. i like them also

  7. I didn't know this band, but I really like the musics, and the first video is amazing ;)


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"