vineri, 16 noiembrie 2012

The Song of the Day...16.11.2012

Hello my friends!
After a long absence, here I am, posting another song that it's on my playlist on youtube.
It's played by The Cranberries  and it's called Dreams.

Hope you like it!
Have a great week-end everybody!
Feliz finde!!!!
Week-end placut!

11 comentarii:

  1. fantástica!!! que disfrutes del finde guapa! muakkk

  2. sigur ca ne visam !
    weekend placut !

  3. Melodia e grozava, chiar îmi plac The Cranberries!
    Un weekend frumos si tie!

    1. Am uitat sa îti spun..... uita-te pe blog la mine! :))))

  4. Love your blog!

    Would you like to follow eachother on Bloglovin' & GFC?
    Let me know if you follow me and will follow straight back!

    Kelly xox

  5. Hola Charlotte, Gracias, gracias y gracias por tu nominación, es para mí todo un honor que te hayas acordado de mi blog para tu nominación. Besitos

  6. oh yes :) ,love the Cranberries!

    Have a great Start in a amazing Week ,kisses :)

  7. Amo Cranberries! que lindo un Blog con buen gusto en música. Encontré tu blog visitando otro . besos y te invito a pasar x el mio.
    un saludo desde Perú
    Patricia Arata Behind The Camera

  8. Great Charlotte...sometimes !
    We will meet in Christms ? I will be around Romania in that time. And my romanian language is better now. Pls. Dont stop to listen good music !!!

    1. :) I hope we will meet in Christmas, coz are ages since we met last time!
      Where will you be? Brasov? Bucuresti?
      I know that your Romanian language is great!
      No doubt that I will always try to listen good music!
      Kisses M-dj!